Khushhali Microfinance Bank Celebrates 21 years of Empowerment & Progress

Lahore (Muhammad Yasir) The pioneer microfinance institution in Pakistan – Khushhali Microfinance Bank is celebrating its 21st year of services for socio-economic uplift of the marginalized & unbanked segments of the market. The anniversary celebrated with great enthusiasm across the bank’s network both physically and digitally, via virtual conference.

Established in year 2000, Khushhalibank’s success has fostered an ecosystem for the growth of microfinance industry within Pakistan and generating economic opportunities that has the potential to drive growth and development at the grass root level.

With total assets of USD 700 million Khushhali is the largest microfinance bank in Pakistan. With deep-rooted presence through a distribution network of 232 outlet’s it is fostering financial inclusion even to remote areas of the country. It offers customer-focused financial solutions to males and females alike, to invest in their microenterprises and uplift their business and living standards. The growth of microenterprises generates income and employment opportunities at community level, conserves local skills and prevents rural to urban migration. Over the past two decades, Khushhalibank served over 6 million clients.

The President of KMBL – Ghalib Nishtar praised the hard work and commitment of his entire team, for achieving this inspirational milestone and said, “KMBL is proud of its legacy in elevating the quality of life for the less privileged people. We believe that; with a little support and access to credit, the talented micro-entrepreneurs – both men and women, have great potential to become productive & contribute to the economy. We are investing generously for the development of micro-enterprises that promise more employment-opportunities and a prosperous future for the whole nation.”

Khushhalibank consecutively for the last three years won the “Best Microfinance Bank” award at the Pakistan Banking Awards for delivering customer value through innovations, penetration efficiency and a strong social impact.