Jolie, Pitt’s ex-guard gives inside scoop on their romance

Jolie, Pitt
Jolie, Pitt's ex-guard gives inside scoop on their romance

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s former bodyguard, Mark Behar, spilled what their romance was like in the initial days. Pulling back the curtain on their relationship, Behar revealed, “First, Brad hired me and once the chemistry got going, Angelina was like, ‘I need you too,’” the security personnel told outlets. “And I was like ‘I can see where this was going!’”

“It was like being in high school and passing notes between friends,” Behar further added about the time he spent with Jolie and Pitt from 2004 to 2006. “They didn’t want anyone to know, and I thought it was really cool.”

The couple first met on the sets of film Mr and Mrs Smith.

“You could definitely feel that something was there,” he continued. “I didn’t get into the whole Jennifer [Aniston] thing. I didn’t ask questions. I just thought to myself maybe things were going bad between them, or they’d broken up,” Behar said about being on set at the time.

“[Brad] did tell me about Jennifer. He told me that the relationship wasn’t going that great and it was like a tornado came in and swept him away [with Angelina],” he added.

Talking about the duo’s five-year-long custody battle, Behar said, “There’s a bigger picture that we don’t know,. When you’re at that status, it could be personal, it could be money, it could be because of the love of the kids, it could be bitterness. You really just don’t know.”