Iran holds presidential poll today

Iran holds presidential poll
Iran holds presidential poll

NUT desk- TEHRAN: On the eve of Iran´s presidential election, expected to hand victory to the ultraconservative cleric Ebrahim Raisi,

the candidate-vetting Guardian Council insisted Thursday that “the political contest is serious”. “The media and the people have testified that this is a good competition,” said the head of the 12-member council, Abbas Ali Kadkhodaee, a day before almost 60 million voters are asked to head to the ballots.

Three televised debates between the seven candidates, all men, who were approved by the unelected body of jurists and clerics, had shown that “the political competition is serious,” Kadkhodaee told a press conference. The vote Friday will choose a successor to Iran´s moderate President Hassan Rouhani, who cannot run again now after serving two consecutive four-year terms, and who leaves office in August.

Turnout is expected to be low in a country where many have been demoralised by years of painful economic crisis that was brought on by a crippling US sanctions regime and worsened by the Covid pandemic.