Infinix latest Smartphone series

How to become #ZeroToHero with Infinix latest Smartphone series! Halfway into a technological revolution, we are continuously looking for better interactive ways to share our experiences with others via technology. The increased dependency on technology have been challenging brands to come up with better and solution-oriented devices with every passing day. Accepting this challenge, Infinix has introduced Zero X series smartphones which prove to be an accurate fit in place for powerful performance, solution oriented and stylish smartphones. Infinix Zero X series offers ground-breaking technology, aiming to provide a creative platform for the younger audience and empowering them to take a leap of a hero.

The Amoled FHD+ display allows super peak brightness and super smooth touch with 120 Hz refresh rate. Likewise, refresh rate is super fluid and delivers immersive viewing experience combined with 240 Hz touch sampling rate. Moreover, out of the box 108 MP camera and 60X periscopic zoom can capture visuals outside of the norm i.e., starting from the users face to the moon!  Infinix Zero X Pro and ZERO X Neo have something in common i.e., MediaTek Helio G95 processor. It is a Dual-Chip flagship processor which enables Zero X series smartphones to deliver maximum performance with minimal power consumption.

A major inspiration behind the design and features of the new Infinix Zero X series is derived from human’s desire to achieve the extraordinary; be it man’s first footsteps on the moon, to extraordinary voyages and cosmic cruises. Based on this notion, 60X periscopic lense can easily capture the moon and bring it the palm of your hand. Also, it will be interesting to see how well the MediaTek Helio G95 handles processing 108MP images. Focused on the moon, the Starry silver color of Zero X Pro is inspired by milky way and is encased in a silver dual-glass back finish. Whereas Tuscany brown color is inspired by the spirit of renaissance enclosed in an environment friendly fiber glass material for a youthful finish.