Indus Motor Initiates Drive to Collect Strewn Flags Post Independence Day Celebrations

Lahore (Muhammad Yasir)  Following 14th August celebrations, Indus Motor Company (IMC) with its team of volunteers, organized an activity to collect national flags littered around the city of Karachi under the slogan “Respect Our Nation’s Pride”

The Independence Day is celebrated with a lot of energy and enthusiasm across the country, every city and neighbourhood ubiquitously decorated with national flags, buntings, balloons, available in all sizes. However, in all the excitement, these flags which earlier were fluttering high above ground, are eventually found either hanging torn or strewn at ground level and carelessly trampled under-foot, an insult to our national pride.

To mitigate the desecration, a team of IMC employees under the company’s Employee Volunteering Program, set out on the morning of 15th August, to gather these strewn flags and buntings, around the city, travelling along pre-determined routes. This is the fourth running year; Indus Motor has been carrying out this activity.

On the occasion Ali Asghar Jamali, IMC’s Chief Executive expressed, ” The patriotism and gusto which goes into celebrating 14th August, across the country is just incredible and why not. It’s every Pakistani’s right. Sadly, the desecration of the flags and buntings thereafter, is pitiful. Considering it as our patriotic duty, our charged volunteers got together to collect flags strewn on roads and open spaces across the city. Let’s not forget that the “Qaumi Parcham” is our pride and demands our ultimate and collective respect.”

Mindful of the company’s Safety First policy, the team engaged in the activity strictly following safety protocols against protection of the on-going COVID-19 pandemic.