inDrive partners with SHIELD to augment trust and enhance user experience

Pakistan (Nut Desk)

Global IT and transportation platform, inDrive, has partnered with global risk intelligence provider, SHIELD, to ensure fraud prevention, highest levels of trust, transparency and fairness for drivers and passengers worldwide.

Operating in over 47 countries and being ranked as the world’s fastest-growing global ride-hailing app in 2022, inDrive is one of the leading players among ride-hailing services worldwide. However, the ride-hailing industry usually finds itself as the target of fraudsters and scammers which can lead to a lack of trust between customer and company, tarnished brand reputation, and lost revenue. 

SHIELD, the mobile-first risk intelligence company, helps mobile apps build trust and safety by stopping all fraud and abuse. With SHIELD’s ID technology which analyses thousands of devices, network, and behavioural data points to return the most comprehensive picture of risk, inDrive will be able stay ahead of fraudsters and provide a safe and fair experience to users.

Speaking about how SHIELD will help inDrive proactively stop fraud, Jake Ooi, Chief Product Officer at SHIELD, during a media session held last week, said, “To keep up with the ride-hailing industry’s rapid growth, businesses must know exactly which tools and techniques are being used to commit fraud and be aware of it the moment it happens so that companies can build trust, preserve brand reputation, and stay at the forefront of the ride-hailing race. With its smart solutions, SHIELD provides actionable risk intelligence to stop fraud, build trust, and drive growth.”

Hasan Qureshi, Senior Business Development Representative at inDrive, said, “inDrive began its operations from one city in Pakistan in 2021 and today we are successfully operating in 12 cities of the country. With such vast and fast expanding consumer base, it is imperative for us to ensure transparency and maintain best customer service. Through our partnership with SHIELD, we want to do just that by challenging injustice and eliminating unfairness.”