Inauguration of IQRA University College of Nursing

The vice-chancellor of IQRA University, Prof. Dr. Wasim Qazi, on Saturday inaugurated IQRA University College of Nursing.

He was accompanied by Dean, Faculty of Health Sciences Prof. Dr. Muhammad Mansoor, and Principal Nursing college Prof. Shehla Naeem Zafar. The inauguration ceremony took place at 2:00 pm at Hussain Lakhani hospital.

Speaking to the media after the inauguration ceremony, Prof. Dr. Wasim Qazi stated that IQRA University today has achieved a new milestone by laying the nursing college’s foundation. Dr. Qazi highlighted the importance of the nursing profession in Pakistan. He said, “in Pakistan, there is a scarcity of not only doctors but also nurses and paramedical staff, and we realized this last year during the covid-19 pandemic.” According to WHO, there is only one nurse for every 1500 people in Pakistan, which is an alarming healthcare facility, added Dr. Qazi. He also stressed that many nurses from Pakistan are working abroad, which has created a demand for nurses in Pakistan. With proper training and teaching, many middle-class women can also access both local and international job markets, Dr. Qazi added. In this regard, the vice-chancellor also stated that IQRA University would prepare nurses and paramedical staff to appear in international nursing exams.

Lauding the efforts of the founding chancellor of IQRA University, Hunaid Lakhani, Dr. Qazi expressed that Hunaid Lakhani, the founding chancellor of IQRA University, realized the importance of the nursing profession and laid the foundation of faculty of health sciences which offers degree programs in physiotherapy and pharmacy, and today, we have inaugurated the college of nursing. Dr. Qazi also stated that IQRA University, with its international nursing faculty, plans to improve nursing practice and teaching in Pakistan.  He said, “with our international nursing faculty onboard, IQRA University aims to provide top-notch training and teaching to its paramedical staff and faculty.”

Speaking about the campus facilities, Dr. Qazi highlighted that the nursing college is spread across 8 acres of land and offers residential facilities to nurses. The nursing college has its teaching hospital: Hussain Lakhani hospital, where nurses would get hands-on clinical experience, he added. The Hussain Lakhani hospital is spread over 6 acres of land and has over 300 beds. It is fully equipped with the latest healthcare facilities, emphasized Dr. Qazi.

Talking to the media Dean of Health Sciences, Prof. Dr. Muhammad Mansoor said, “the nursing college equipped with next-generation classrooms and modern labs. We are ready to deliver the education of international standard to our nursing students.” 

He further added that the Nursing College is registered and recognized by the Pakistan Nursing Council. The Sindh health department has also visited the Nursing college and found it fully equipped with up to date medical labs and other facilities necessary to start a nursing program.

Speaking about the admissions, the nursing college Principal, Prof. Shehla Naeem Zafar, said that admissions in nursing would commence from Spring- 2021. She also highlighted that the Pakistan Nursing Council has already granted a mandatory NOC to start this program. The Nursing College would offer three programs: BS Nursing (4 years), Post- RN-BS Nursing (2 years), and a diploma of Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA). The university has provided the students with a purpose-built infrastructure and state-of-the-art facilities, including a library with over 10,000 books and a nursing simulation lab for a hands-on clinical experience.