Imran’s talent in singing has been appreciated around the globe

Pakistan (Muhammad Yasir)

Imran Hashmi is a Dynamic Pakistani singer, model, music composer and an educationist. He hails from Lahore and is immensely versatile in his musical style. Music had always fascinated him from childhood. Imran’s talent in singing has been appreciated around the globe, especially in India, after he made a song called “HUM TERE SATH HAIN” when India was going through the worst phase of Covid19 Pandemic in 2021.

SONG LINK : Most of the Channels And Magazines declared him as an ambassador of peace! After his Covid19 song. All the Articles are mentioned.

The spirit of patriotism in the national songs Hum Sab Hain Pakistani.

SONG LINK : And Shukar Tera Khuda Composed and sung by Imran Hashmi, was truly matchless. These National songs were played on all music and news channels of Pakistan on the Independence Day.

SONG LINK : All children of Pakistan know these songs by heart and perform them in National Song Competitions. Yaad Piya Ki Beautifully Sung By Imran Hashmi.

SONG LINK : The Original Song Sajna Which Is Soft Melodies Song Sung and Composed By Imran Hashmi Is Here! SONG LINK : Recently he has released his original song “AKHIYAAN” which is loved and appreciated by the audience worldwide.

SONG LINK : He has Paid tribute to our Prophet Muhammad (PBAH) By Releasing His Kamal Ay Khatam e Rasool Which leaves the listeners mesmerized

Kalam LINK : Over the years he has participated in countless TV programmes and morning shows. He has been honoured with a lot of awards as well Videos of all the live concerts are attached.