IFGF hosted a one day Restoration and Meeting-bringing all religions and race together

Karachi (Nut Desk)  Pray For Pakistan – an event was hosted by the IFGF community on the 27th of March at the YMCA ground Saddar,Karachi. In support of all Christian,Muslim and Hindu communities.

IFGF is a Christian community and organisation which hosted this prestigious One Day Restoration And Meeting. IFGF is a community that firmly believes in a holistic approach for all of humanity. They work towards the welfare of all religions and race. Not only do they create awareness but their main mission and aim is to provide basic needs while making an impact in many areas of life including industry

,business,economy and education.

The trainees under the One Day Restoration And Healing Meeting were  awarded with certificate of participation.

They also spoke about how they can support education for all the Christian,Muslim and Hindu communities. A much needed topic that needs more support and awareness.

The IFGF Peace Ambassador Rev.Dr Daniel Hanafi is the vice president of IFGF Global Mission and a senior Pastor in the US.

He lead the event along with Rev. Saleem William and Evg. Nadeem William

A very promising organisation with a strong mission statement .”To create a better future for the people of our nation”.

An event that brought everyone together for the greater good of humanity.