ICT and AAA Associates Launch Monsoon Plantation drive

ICT and AAA Associates Launch Monsoon Plantation drive envision of PM Clean Green Pakistan

Islamabad (Muhammad Yasir) AAA Associates, a leading group of companies, strives to partake in the ‘Monsoon Plantation Drive’, envisioned by the Prime Minister Imran Khan this year. AAA launches, ‘Tree Plantation Drive’ by planting 1 lac trees in accordance with the Prime Minister’s call for awareness and action. The organization believes that we need to restore the forest cover to eradicate pollution, fight carbon emissions, prevent flooding and overcome global warming. The campaign begins today, in order to align the efforts with the plantation drive throughout the country, and continues for an extended period of one and a half months with more to come. 

AAA Associates, an organization known for its social responsibility, is highly aware of its due role for the country and the planet and urges everyone to plant trees. It is therefore time to add much needed greens to the needed concrete and foster an understanding of the ecological and economic value of plantation. The tree plantation campaign begins from 16 August 2021 at the site near Simly Dam, Islamabad; gracing the occasion are the honourable Deputy Commissioner Mr. Hamza Shafqaat, Assistant Commissioner Mr. Aneel Saeed, Director General Environment Mr. Irfan Khan Niazi, worthy guests from all walks of life and the esteemed team of AAA Associates. 

On this occasion, Deputy Commission Mr. Hamza Shafqat praised AAA Associates support in this plantation drive and said “it is a good sign that Private corporate entities are supporting PM cause in turning Pakistan Green and environment friendly country. AAA Associate has always been very supportive with district Governments to carryout social uplifting activities within the city whether it is food distribution drive or turning the city green to make it pollution free”.

According to Global Forest Watch, Pakistan has faced 0.99% decrease in tree cover since year 2000 to the year 2020. Due to constant deforestation, Pakistan treads extremely low in tree per head i.e., 5 trees per person in Pakistan versus a global average of 422 trees per head. Pakistan is also in the list of the top six most vulnerable countries affected by Climate Change.

Since the launch of Billion Tree Tsunami (2013) by the Prime Minister, drastic changes in landscape were observed and world recognition has been attained. Pakistan plays a pivotal role in fighting global warming and has been part of many such global initiatives. UN ‘Decade for Ecosystem Restoration 2021 – 2030’ is launched on global scale and tree plantation campaigns by Pakistan are part of it. Significant efforts are being made in order to hamper the adverse effects of only 5% of forest cover in Pakistan as compared to 31% global average. Researchers have concluded that forest restoration can fight climate change, cluster of trees provide carbon sponge for fossil fuel emissions, flood prevention and result in regulated rainfall. Tree plantation campaigns are best foot forward and an important initiative in our region to curb Monsoon variations and floods, as a result of Himalayan Glaciers melting. As we strive for this drive, UN Environment Program declares that Pakistan is ready to lead the way. 

Director Marketing, Usman Iqbal, expressed his views, “AAA is an environmentally responsible organization, and with our vision to always exceed the expectations of our loyal customers by improving the vicinity they call home. In line with Prime Minister’s vision of Clean and Green Pakistan, we pledge to plant, cultivate, protect and promote trees, advocate public awareness, and take the green graph in upward trend.”

The Chief Strategy and Development Officer, Mr. Farooq Bashir emphasised on the dire necessity of reforestation, “We at AAA realise the need for tree planation drive in response to deforestation and reduced land cover. Through our 1 lac tree plantation drive, we are contributing in protecting and restoring the environment and livelihood of Pakistan, affected by climate shocks. The rehabilitation of degraded land would thus increase our resilience to environmental dilapidation and incessant heat waves. 

We are looking forward to a healthy, prosperous and green Pakistan in coming years.