ICAP Hosts CFO Conference 2023 in Lahore

Lahore (Muhammad Yasir) The CFO Conference 2023 centered around the theme of ” Resilient CFO – Balancing the Agenda for Tomorrow,” was arranged by the Professional Accountants in Business (PAIB) Committee of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan (ICAP) on Thursday at a local hotel of Lahore.
Mr. M. Ali Latif, President ICAP emphasized the vital role that Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) play in navigating organizations through challenging times while effectively managing long-term strategic priorities. 
Mr. Samiullah Siddiqui, Chairman PAIBC and Council Member, ICAP highlighted the conference objectives, vision, and ICAP’s significant contributions to Pakistan’s finance and economic sector. He emphasized the conference’s importance and its direct relevance to professionals in the business and finance fields, setting the tone for an event that promised valuable insights and meaningful discussions. 
The conference’s inaugural panel discussion, titled “Skill-sets for Tomorrow,” featured industry leaders including Mr. Nadeem Khan, CFO of PTCL; Mr. Irfan Awan, CFO & Executive VP of the Bank of Khyber; Ms. Khursheed Kotwal, Council Member of ICAP; and Dr. Ijaz A. Qureshi, Pro Vice Chancellor of IAC Lahore. The panelists emphasized the importance of training and adapting to the digital era, focusing on operational efficiency, alternative data representation methods, the role of CAs in the public sector, continuous upskilling, staying updated with trends, embracing technology, and building collaborative relationships.
Mr. Saquib Ahmad, SAP’s Country Managing Director, discussed the importance of organizational transformation for efficiency and cost-cutting during a Tech-station segment. He highlighted the global integration of tools like chatGPT in business practices, streamlining workloads. 
Mr. Mohsin Naqvi, Group Director Finance at Kohinoor Maple Leaf Group, Mr. Aftab Butt, CEO of KAPCO, and Ms. Ammara S. Gondal, Chairperson of NRC ICAP, led an engaging discussion titled “80/20 Dialogue – Balancing Act of Optimization.” During the discussion, the panelists offered profound insights and shared their extensive expertise on achieving multi-objective management in engineering projects, which involves reducing costs, enhancing quality, and shortening project cycles.
The guest speakers in the panel discussion titled “Opportunities Beyond Uncertainties” included Syed Tanveer Saleem, Group Executive at Meezan Bank, Ms. Roohi Khan, Group CFO at Systems Limited, Mr. Malik Salman Hafeez, CEO of Apparel Vertical at US Denim, and Mr. Mustafa Yaqoob, Regional CFO at Lipton Teas & Infusions. They emphasized the urgent need for a comprehensive reform of our current political system to revitalize our nation. Moving forward, it is crucial for every sector of society to fulfill their responsibilities diligently and harness the potential of key factors to drive progress.
The captivating Fireside Chat, titled “The Call of Duty,” took a deep dive into the intricate and diverse challenges that businesses face in today’s ever-changing landscape. The panelists shed light on the multifaceted hurdles posed by volatile energy and oil prices, the intensifying competition from smaller economies, the disruptive impact of online banking, the concerning phenomenon of knowledge brain drain, and the pervasive risks associated with technology advancements. The discussion was enriched by the valuable contributions of the panelists, including Mr. Ashfaq Yousuf Tola, Minister of State & Former President ICAP; Mr. Ali Khizar, Head of Research at Business Recorder; Dr. Hassan Daud, Associate Professor at Bahria University Islamabad; Mr. Bilal Anwer, CEO of NDRMF; and Mr. Zeeshan Ijaz, Council Member at ICAP.
Concluding the Lahore conference, Mr. Asad Feroze, Vice President of ICAP, delivered a compelling summary of the event, sharing valuable insights discussed by the speakers. The conference, which attracted a significant audience, proved to be highly engaging and informative.