IBA Karachi revamps its admissions process for MBA Program in the light of Covid-19

Karachi (Muhammad Yasir)  In response to the disruption caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the IBA Karachi has revamped the admission process for its flagship MBA program for the upcoming admission cycle.

Since administering the entrance test is not possible in existing circumstances, an alternate objective criterion for the assessment of admission applications has been introduced. The revised process includes shortlisting of candidates based on prior academic qualification, length and quality of work experience / internships, co-curricular activities / achievements and the personal statement by the candidate. Based on this criterion, the candidates will be shortlisted for the final interviews.

While announcing these policy changes, IBA Executive Director Dr. S Akbar Zaidi said that these changes have been made to adhere to the public health and safety guidelines issued by the government and for the wellbeing of all prospective candidates. Therefore, revising the admission process by substituting the admission test with an alternate objective assessment criterion to evaluate candidates’ profiles and shortlist them for the final interviews saves the students from being at risk.

He further said that the IBA is cognizant of the enormous difficulties and challenges faced by the students whose academic careers have been jeopardized by this pandemic and promised that the IBA will continue to facilitate the students as much as it can, without comprising on the merit and quality of the intake. “We are continuously monitoring the situation and will continue to create flexibility in the admission process, as and when required”, he added.