IBA Karachi launches 2-year Master of Science in Data Science

Lahore (Muhammad Yasir) The IBA Karachi is pleased to announce the launch of Master of Science in Data Science program commencing in August 2020, which comprises of 4 semesters with a total of 30 credit hours. The MS leading to the PhD program will allow the students to opt for a thesis alongside their course work. 

The program designed by the Faculty of Computer Science (FCS) is aimed to facilitate students with non-Computer Science background as well and foundation level courses will be offered to enable students to come at par with their peers. 

The academic rigour coupled with experiential learning will prepare the students in the field of machine learning, statistics and big data analytics. Chairperson, Department of Computer Science, Dr Shakeel Khoja elaborated that the program offers clear understanding in areas of statistical modelling, management of massive data sets, data visualization, software engineering and data ethics. “The program prepares students to extract valuable insights from data, and offers rigorous training to handle problems of big data,” said Dr Khoja.

Commenting on the program launch, Executive Director, IBA, Dr S Akbar Zaidi said, “The advancement in artificial intelligence, communications and robotics across the globe has led to the high demand of data scientists. Although Pakistan lies at the onset of this development, an increasing need is being felt in the software industry and service sectors like financial institutions, telecommunication organizations, healthcare providers and multi-nationals to produce trained workforce.” Dr Zaidi highlighted that this market-driven program would set a new benchmark for other universities. 

With the addition of Data Science program, the IBA Karachi is now offering 9 graduate programs alongside 6 undergraduate and 3 postgraduate programs. The admission to various programs for Fall 2020 is currently open.