IAC signs an MOU with the City of Austin, Texas

Lahore (Qasim Ali) The Institute for Art and Culture, Lahore, (IAC) and the City of Austin, Texas, United  States of  America have entered  into  a  Memorandum of  Understanding  (MOU), intended  to  establish  a collaborative  relationship exploring  arts  and culture  education,  professional  services and  the  creative  industries including fashion and textile. The  formal  bilateral  trade  and  investment  relationship between the two parties is envisioned to fulfil the following outcomes  for  both parties; creation of  employment  opportunities, expansion of  foreign direct  investment, and contributions to fashion,  arts, culture, and education.  The growth of  existing  arts  and other  creative  industries, strengthening educational  and business  development  partnerships  supporting  the  creative  industries and increased trade in  goods  and  services  related  to  apparel,  textile,  accessories,  and  artisanal  craft  goods, will also be encouraged under this partnership. This MOU will be beneficial for not just the IAC, but cultural and creative industries of Pakistan that will have access to an international market and improve opportunities of revenue generation. 
Under this agreement, the organization of  bi-lateral  trade,  economic development,  and  exchange missions will be carried out by the two parties, as well as development  of  joint  educational  programs  and  exchange  opportunities  between Austin universities and  IAC.  The development  of  business-focused  cultural  exchange projects between  the  creative industry  sub-sectors of  both cities will also be spearheaded through this understanding. 
These  activities will be carried out under the framework  of  the  ATX+PAK  Entrepreneurship  Program’s  Fashion  Forward  Initiative. A delegation from the City of Austin visited Pakistan in November, 2019, and was hosted by the IAC during their trip. They were very impressed with the IAC’s work with artisans in South Punjab and initiated the MOU. This partnership will encourage the establishment  and promotion of  joint  resources  which strengthen entrepreneurs,  small  and medium sized companies  as  they seek  to export  or  import  to or from  the  partner  community which will be very beneficial for the Pakistani crafts industry.


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