Huawei ICT competition 2020 global final attracts Participation from 39 countries

Lahore (Muhammad Yasir) The Huawei ICT Competition 2019–2020 Global Final kicked off at the Huawei Base. Under the theme of “Connection · Glory · Future”, this year’s competition is being held online. A total of 110 teams (330 students) from 39 countries and regions will compete in this annual event. On November 14, the closing and award ceremony will be held at the Huawei Base.

This year marks the fifth iteration of the Huawei ICT Competition, which includes the Practice and Innovation Competitions. With two tracks — Network and Cloud, the Practice Competition mainly examines students’ ICT knowledge, hands-on skills, and teamwork. The Innovation Competition evaluates students’ capabilities — in terms of innovation, cooperation, and development — by using cutting-edge technologies such as IoT, big data, and AI. The fifth Huawei ICT Competition has set a new participation record by attracting almost 150,000 students from over 2000 colleges and universities in more than 82 countries and regions.

The Practice Competition has two parts: theory and lab exams. Students will complete the theory exam online through iLearning, and use the Huawei eLab (Network Track) and HUAWEI CLOUD (Cloud Track) to take the lab exam. In the Innovation Competition, all participating teams will present their entries and answer judges’ questions.

Mr. Sun Gang, Director of Huawei’s Talent Ecosystem Development Department, gave a speech at the opening ceremony. He said that, by 2030, we will live in an intelligent world. New technologies require new talent, which means talent is crucial for ICT development. Huawei aims to develop ICT talent, build a robust talent ecosystem, and promote a prosperous industry by setting standards, building a talent alliance, and demonstrating the value of talent. Huawei will continue striving to provide equal access to high-quality education and achieve digital inclusion.

Li Ming, Director of UNESCO’s International Centre for Higher Education Innovation (ICHEI), also delivered a video message fully recognizing Huawei’s global ICT talent ecosystem, which he said is both attractive and cohesive. It not only attracts students from colleges and universities worldwide, but also cultivates excellent ICT talent. He hopes Huawei will continue to make great contributions to cultivating more digital talent and supporting global digital transformation.

During this year’s competition, Huawei will hold several online events. At the global summit forum, leaders from industry organizations, government officials, and university presidents will discuss education continuity following the spread of COVID-19. At the Datacom Certification global launch conference, Huawei will globally release its criteria for future Datacom talent. At the teaching seminar, professors will share their latest practices and views on ICT talent cultivation.

The participants of this competition hail from around the world, and are students in Huawei ICT Academies and higher education institutions that have joined the Huawei ICT Academy program. Through the competition, Huawei aims to provide students with a platform to compete and exchange ideas, enhance their ICT knowledge and practical skills, and raise their innovation awareness. In addition, the competition also serves as a platform that facilitates communication between international talent; as well as collaboration between governmental organizations, higher education institutions, training agencies, and enterprises; thereby promoting the education, growth, and employment of ICT talent and building a healthy ICT talent ecosystem.