Huawei Digitizes Green Powered Pakistan with FusionSolar Club Pakistan

Lahore (Muhammad Yasir) With the aim to lead green powered digitized power in the country the ‘Huawei FusionSolar Club Pakistan’ was held at the Pearl Continental Hotel to aid the energy sector in the struggle against climate change and to develop sustainable development. Mr. Tauseef H. Farooqi, Chairman National Electric Power Regulatory Authority, Mr. Shah Jahan Mirza, CEO AEDB, Mr. Naeem Memon, Director Solar Alternate Energy Development Board, Ahmed Shahzeb Malik, Member Board of Directors Quaid-E-Azam Solar Pvt. Ltd and Sadaqat Ali Khan, Member Energy Planning and Division Board Energy Department attended the event. Also in attendance, Mr. Liwen, Managing Director, Lahore Regional Office Huawei.

Mr. Shah Jehan Mirza, Chairman AEDB mentioned during his speech, “The importance of RE (renewable energy) cannot be underestimated, the government of Pakistan has taken the right steps. For the next ten years, as it’ll be paradigm shift towards the energy sector.

Mr. Tauseef, Chairman NEPRA focused on the fact, “Prime Minister Imran Khan also wants Green Energy for Pakistan. NEPRA is working and upgrading on renewable energy (RE) and is prudent about regulatory framework. Digitalization is amazing but it has a lot of challenges too, which is why NEPRA recently had a meeting on cyber security standards with international experts.”

Mr. Liwen also added, “Many countries have committed to carbon neutralization at 2050, which is the future, it serves as a solution to customers and we will keep supporting Pakistan’s industry to improve digitalization. Today we are here to bring the latest innovation product FusionSolar to all of you.”

Globally, utilities are undergoing a cultural shift towards an information-based digital economy, moving away from the traditional business models that required heavy investment. Huawei FusionSolar Club Pakistan, partnered with Industry Stake Holders to create a platform for industry leaders to share the latest technologies, experiences and insights in regards to the digitalization of PV systems.