How smartly telecom companies are looting innocent citizens

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All the pakistani telecom looting citizen

Lahore 5th October 2020 By Muhammad Yasir (New Update Times)

All the telecom companies operating in Pakistan including Jazz, Warid, Youphone, Telenor and Zong are doing exceptional business despite the fact that the corona pandemic devastated every sector of economy in Pakistan like the rest of the world, but the profit ratio or business graph of these multinational giants did not have a significant impact on them. What is this rocket science??

The basic reason of this is continuous looting and deceiving their loyal customers through regular hike in charges and fake media campaigns claiming their packages as best one.

All the companies take pride in claiming that their talk or internet packages are cheapest and fast track etc but reality is altogether. At the moment no company is providing satisfactory service to its users in Pakistan, that’s why calls for protests against these companies are arising day by day.

News update times talked with some citizens backing the protest to know the reason and it was revealed that Jazz and Warid have severe signal problem. People are complaining that soon after the alliance between Jazz and Warid this problem arose and it is getting worse with each passing day.

Zong internet packages are a real dacoity on the pockets of customers as internet speed is so slow that it takes ages to open a single page sometime.

Telenor talk rates and whatsapp bundle packages are too costly and it also has signal problems in big cities or densely populated areas especially in Lahore, Gujranwala and interior Sindh.

You phone is regularly hiking the price of its internet bundle which is affecting its loyal customers. Telecom companies in the country are looting the innocent customers through service charges and deduct a significant share of the customer’s money. The telecom operator charge this amount soon after customers load money into their account and this amount go to the operators. Interesting thing is that companies are charging this amount without any service and no justification is given from their side.

Earlier these charges were different but not all the telecom operators are charging same percent of all amounts. When contacted telecom officials told online that low tariffs, low ARPUs, expenses on infrastructure and other elements are the reason to deduct service charges from the consumers. Sounds of protests are arising day by day. Here is such a post indicating the sentiments of the general public.

Protest. Protest. Protest

Protest against double and extra taxes

88 on a load of 100

Why the balance of Rs. While every call and message is also tax deductible.

Why has the Rs 140 package become Rs 167?

By whose order is this done?

Loading Rs. 200 costs Rs. 152, ie to pack Rs. 167, you have to load Rs. 230. Thus, you have to pay Rs.

Tax on load of Rs.100 + tax on each package + call setup charges are being deducted after package? (Load of 100 falls in 50)

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority should take action against all mobile companies in the public interest to stop looting the public in various ways once the tax has been deducted.

Chief Justice is requested to take Sumoto action to save the people from looting.

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