Hira Mani shares video of getting COVID 19 vaccine

NUT (WEB DESK) Pakistani actor Hira Mani shared her video of getting the COVID 19 vaccine. She took to Instagram to share a video of herself getting a second jab of the vaccine. She urged her fans as well to get the vaccine.

She wrote in the caption, “Covid. Hou gai vaccination,” (Vaccination done) followed with a syringe emoji.

Salman Shaikh, Hira’s husband, dropped a hilarious comment on her post writing that all the top Pakistani actresses are above 30 and pleaded with them to get vaccinated as it is free from the government.

The Kashf actor Hira Mani shared her video of getting the COVID 19 vaccine which got many likes and over 200 thousand views.

However, some netizens commented under her video to properly cover her face with the mask. There were certain netizens that commented that her privilege was showing. There was one particular Instagram user who wrote that now Hira Mani had two years to live. Unfortunately, there are some Pakistanis who are against vaccines as they think they would die or will get even more sick.

On the other hand, some fans asked her which vaccine she had received and praised her.