“Healing the Planet”

The world is in a climate emergency as natural disasters linked to global warming are taking place across the globe. Last year, it was the catastrophic floods in Pakistan.

This year, we witnessed destructive earthquakes in Syria and Turkiye.

Sadly, this is just the beginning. It has been reported that in the year 2023, there will be an increase in forest fires across the globe. We will further lose our crop, as well as several endangered animal species. Is there any way to hit pause on the destruction? The answer is yes.

The world can change if everyone joins hands and starts working towards taking measures to curb climate change. Fortunately, there are several environmental activists in Pakistan that recognize the state of emergency we are in, and are doing everything in their power to stop the world from falling apart.

These individuals are from different walks of life and include businessmen, fashion designers, event managers, models, actors, filmmakers, photographers, makeup artists and others.

The mission to save the planet started when Syed Qazzafi, an environmental activist and the CEO of Miraal Events, decided to take a stand. With his vision Miraal Events conducted fashion shows internationally in partnership with Saffron Events UK. This included the Scotland Pakistan Fashion Week (SPFW) in Glasgow, 2018 and another very successful show in Manchester. Both the shows promoted sustainable fashion.

A press conference was also held in Glasgow to launch the short film titled ‘Be the change’. The film aimed to motivate people to speak up against the climate crisis and take action. Moreover, under the leadership of Syed Qazaffi, several environmental friendly events also took place in Pakistan including the ‘Green Festival – Show with a cause’ in Hyderabad. Currently, Syed Qazzafi has pulled in together an exemplary team to embark on a documentary shoot that focuses on providing awareness regarding the environment and the damage we have done.

Titled “Healing the Planet”, the aim of the documentary is to enlighten viewers, and urge them to reduce their carbon footprint on the world. The video will be shot in the United Kingdom, and the United States of America. The team that has been making us proud on an international level includes Syed Qazzafi, Grafix Media Glasgow, Ceo of Colees Media Pakistan Saqlain ali, Imran Ali from Arayan Films Pakistan, Film factory Pakistan, Cineflix’s Ceo Aarifa Naz, and Syed Zeeshan Ali (creative Head) from Rophayels.

The exemplary fashion photographers who are on board include Aashna Khan, and Muhammad Husnain Mehmood. syed Ali Jubran (Journalist ) will be handling the PR for the project and the achievements the team makes during the documentary shoot.