Hand Stitched Design Pakistani Designer Dresses by Rafia Getting Popular in Overseas Pakistanis

Overseas Pakistanis always have a tough time finding the right colors or designs when it comes to shopping for Pakistani designer dresses. We are here to tell you why there is hope for you yet and where you can get some amazing unstitched Pakistani designer dresses to add to your wardrobe.

Why Rafia’s Hand-stitched Designs are Gaining Popularity Abroad

Yes, you must wonder are there not enough designer clothing lines abroad already. Why is Rafia any different?

There may be numerous outlets with all kinds of options, but there is one reason why Rafia is winning hearts abroad. That reason is their personalized touch in Pakistani formal dresses and every other category. The colors and designs as just breathtaking and the fabric is equally very comfortable. Most importantly, the hand stitch on these items is classic and impressive. Their signature statement is simplicity with elegance and class! You get the best embroidery designs, with colors contrasting to give you a masterpiece design. There are some with beads, tussles, mirror work, and many other hand-stitched designs available in this brand.

When Designing is Beyond Expectations

Life abroad is not like the life we have in Pakistan. Women need to work, they need to look socially acceptable, and at the same time, they cannot let go of their traditional and moral values. Keeping this in mind, it becomes a major requirement for designers to create something women can wear no matter the occasion.

The designers select the fabric to support the designs they make so you can expect a huge variety in this aspect as well. There are clothes in chiffon, net, organza, georgette, cotton, and so much more. Whether it is for casual reasons, working life, to go to an event like mehndi, mayun, or Eid celebrations, – it just has to be perfect.

Perfection in Pakistani Designer Dresses

Now, let us talk about what makes Pakistani dresses perfect. Everyone has different expectations from their collection of clothing. Some want a better fabric, some need more embroidery, others need less embroidery, some need mirror work, and others prefer beads. Some women like to have a variety of dupatta types, some in organza, some in chiffon, others in georgette, and the list of expectations goes on.

The best Pakistani designer dresses are those that are available in all these options and more. You should be able to find something for yourself depending on what you are looking for. Moreover, there is no limitation when it comes to age and skin tone. There is something for women of all ages in the hand-stitched designs by Rafia.

Drape Yourself with High-quality Clothing

Although there is huge competition in the Pakistani designer dresses market abroad, Rafia is keen to take its place in the hearts of overseas Pakistanis. Their prices are very affordable as compared to other renowned brands, but they never compromise on quality. Their quality of fabric and hand-stitched designs easily contend with those by other higher-priced brands.

If you want to have something classy and breathtaking to make a fashion statement, try this brand!