Ghana Ali once again defends husband in online trolling.

Lahore (Nut-Desk)

Celebrated actress Ghana Ali is not happy with the social media comments and has once again hit back at online trolls for questioning her relationship with her husband, saying that everyone needs to mind their own business.

After a user left a disparaging comment on Ghana’s recent post suggesting that she married her husband Umair Gulzar for his money, Ghana Ali set the record straight saying, “He was never an ATM nor he’s a billionaire. Those were only rumours to disturb our mental peace!”

Ghana shared that her husband does a “very normal job” and that they are happy and content with each other.

“I don’t have to clear anyone over here but I think it’s wise to always mind your own business when especially one doesn’t know the whole story,” she further advised her followers.

The couple has consistently been at the receiving end of mean comments online ever since Ghana Ali announced her marriage on Instagram; from body-shaming her husband to gross assumptions about Ghana herself, the trolls have been relentless.

Ghana has made sure to hit back, earlier asking people to unfollow her if they have an issue with her husband.