Karachi (Muhammad Yasir) Leading Food brand Fresh Street was one of the top attractions at this years’ Karachi Eat Festival, with its unique offerings of the mouth-watering delicacies from all corners of the world. The Karachi Eat is being held at the Breach View Park from 14 to 16th January 2022, and is being managed under strict health and safety protocols, and COVID SOPs & regulations.

The long list of Fresh Street menu items on the offering, in line with the event regulations, is comprised of all the items within the price range of 100 to 200 rupees, and includes the crisps of Fresh Street warps, salads, potato fries, with flavored sauces of choice, and the sweetness of ice cream bites and scoops.

“With Fresh Street, we are presenting the tastes of the world with our imported products from across the globe, and at a very nominal price, for people to enjoy it to the fullest” shared Samrah Munsub, Founder and Director of Samrah Enterprises, the distributor for Fresh Street, Dandy, and Hills&Vales brands. “The idea is to share the best chef recipes, so can be used in every household kitchen”.

Fresh Street, a brand distributed under the Samrah Enterprises, has a large product-line to offer, starting with the condiments category with a complete range of seasoned sauces, syrups, mayonnaise, and vinegars, to an assorted range of frozen products that includes potato-fries mixed vegetables, strawberries, broccoli etc. All these products are of European origin and are being proudly packed in Pakistan, representing a mélange of Western and Eastern cuisine culture.

The festival inaugurated by the Governor Sindh Mr. Imran Ismail, saw the attendance of people from all walks of life to enjoy the festivities while maintaining the health SOPs and regulations with mandatory face-masks, vaccination certificate check, and online ticketing to avoid any gathering.