Farhan Saeed sets the stage on fire as he performs Naukar Shah Da at the Kashmir Beats Season 2

Lahore (Nut Desk) Farhan Saeed gives a soulful performance  at the Kashmir  Beats Season 2 as he performs Naukar Shah Da, a qawalli that takes us on a spiritual journey of love and devotion.

Farhan Saeed has shown versatility time and time again and Naukar Shah Da is proof that he set the stage on fire this year at the season 2 of Kashmir Beats.

He created magic on stage through his mystical and euphoric performance.

Singing qawalli requires a lot of emotions and soul setting and Farhan Saeed gave the audiences just that through his powerful vocals and stage performance where everything felt so real and organic and straight from the heart. Farhan’s  phenomenal  performance, has touched the hearts of millions and it continues doing so.

I million views in less than 3 days, Naukar Shah Da is definitely on top of the season 2 of Kashmir Beats this year.

“It was surreal performing Naukar Shah Da on stage as it gave me goose bumps and this sense of devotion and a roller coaster of emotions.And I am so glad I was honoured to do do justice to a qawalli of that level”,stated Farhan.


From the lyrics to the music to the soul performance, FarhanSaaed took qawalli to a whole different level and turned it into a masterpiece. And changed the entire vibe of Kashmir Beats Season 2 by adding his very own touch to it.

Song link – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=juAzGbJ0pEE