Famous Actress Mahzaib turns entrepreneur,

Launched beauty line “Norram Collection”. Beauty Line includes authentic skin, hair products and perfumes extracted from natural ingredients

Lahore (Muhammad Yasir)  Well known Actress & beauty Icon and now entrepreneur, Mahzaib has launched her skincare line under the name “Norram Collection”. Believing that wellness is where beauty starts is how the idea of “Nooram collection” was born. With an extensive experience, vision of an evolved, holistic approach towards beauty, a range of products has been created that celebrates nature in its authentic form.

The products are dedicated to Mughal Empress Noor Jahan and it includes Noor Jahan Khushbo, Noor Jahan Hair Oil, Noor Jahan Ubton, Noor Jahan Itar and Noor Jahan Surma and Noor Jahan Bakhore etc. Beautifully designed and carefully packed, the products are available in all big stores. While sharing the details Mahzaib shared that product range is all natural and inspired by naturopathy as a healing force has natural and organic ingredients. She told that she has gained knowledge and expertise for more than five years before launching her beauty line so that public can get the most authentic and best products.

She added that the concept of the brand is wellness and all the products will be endorsing wellness through it besides being very affordable in prices also. Mahzaib explained that since childhood, she has been drawn to nature. While she is no stranger to the bounties of natural ingredients, it was her year’s long research and testing experiences through naturopathy that opened her eyes towards the wonders of nature-based lifestyle. Beside exclusive beauty products Mahzaib have also launched her extra ordinary gemstones line.

Mahzaib told that gemstones principally for ornamental purposes, however, in both ancient and modern times, cultures all over the world have also believed that gems can have healing properties. Stop negativity lockets, rings and rings are also prime feature of her elated gem collection. While shedding light of her entrepreneurship, Mahziab shared that she is a creative person and wants to give new products for public to keep them look good without adding extra burden on their budgets. She told that public feedback has been great and she will add more products in her tally in near future for the wellness of citizens.