Exhibition of History Opened at the IAC

Exhibition of History Opened at the IAC – News Update Times

Lahore (Muhammad Yasir) The Institute for Art and Culture (IAC) held a History exhibition on 9 January, 2019. The exhibition displayed students work for the course, ‘History and Theory of Architecture and Urbanism’, taught by Ar. Pervaiz Vandal, Ar. Mehwish Abid, Ar. Sanya Jafri, Ar. Salman Basharat. The exhibition was inaugurated by Vice Chancellor of IAC, Prof. Sajida Vandal.

The exhibition is based on observational and inquiry based practices carried out by students in the form of various history assignments with Lahore as a case study. The objective was to sharpen students’ understanding of the present in a holistic and integrated format, whereby they appreciate the unfolding of the history’s dynamics with particular reference to Lahore and Pakistan.

The course covered the immediate past since 1947 of the newly formed state and complexities of its architectural identity. The exhibition reflected the art and architecture in Pakistan, growth of cities, technological developments, and the social complexities that prevailed at the time and the influences that led to a variety of architecture.

The exhibition explores the present maelstrom of cultural dilemmas in Pakistan that have come to us through a historical evolution of thousands of years. Its study holds the key for our future clarity and understanding of our history. Students were required to spend time in their neighbourhood and become fully aware of their present realities and identify the three typologies of urban networks present in Lahore. This was done to understand how to unfold history of the sub-continent focusing on the issues faced by the current state. They documented their research by making journals, sketches, writing and photographic data during their visits to various sites in the city.


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