Education in Punjabi discussed at 44th THAAP Talk

Lahore (Muhammad Yasir) In an effort to strengthen and endorsement of the newly formed landmark initiatives aimed for promotion of Mother Language and Educational activities for underprivileged children, THAAP (Trust for history, Art and Architecture) arranged a thought provoking talk session on Saturday 13th March at THAAP secretariat. Linguistic activists, passionate writers, academicians, architectures and students attended the Talk entitled “Education in Punjabi” which consisted on three parts.  
The session commenced with detailed introduction of significant project of Meluha Punjabi University. Dr Manzur Ejaz, the creative force and brain behind establishment of this new platform described the basic idea and vision of Meluha Punjabi University. He shared that digital learning is the emerging trend in all over the world and Meluha University will strive for promotion of Education in Punjabi. He told that Meluha Punjabi University, the first online Punjabi University, has started holding classes in a variety of subjects on natural and social sciences in Punjabi Language with highly qualified faculty from the United States, Canada, UK and other European countries in addition to the best rated scholars from Pakistan and India. He added that creation of modern knowledge is essential to secure the future of any language and Maluha Punjabi University will serve it maximum . 
Mehreen Mustafa, an architect, has designed and constructed a mobile economic school for the Katchi Abadi children of Lahore. She presented the basic idea behind her dream project for the uplift of underprivileged children in second part of the talk. While sharing the vision, prototype design and the characteristic features of their experiments in Lahore, she revealed that first mobile school for the slum children will become functional at the end of March 2021. Anum Riaz joined her in presentation and briefed about the work model of the slum school.
In the 3rd part of the Talk, Mr Tohid Chattha and Dr Khola Cheema of the Lyallpur Young Historians spoke about the potentials and pitfall in online teaching. They have organized more than a hundred talks and lectures on the social media and have made a great impact with the use of new technology. They shared the lectures series with titles of history lecture, City as it was and Book of the week and creating remarkable awareness about the Punjabi literature and Punjabi lovers from all over the world are actively participating in their programs which is very encouraging for the future of the Punjabi.
Mr Imran Masood, Vice Chancellor, USA, chief guest of the talk appreciated the efforts of Dr. Manzur Ejaz and other speakers in their respective fields. He added that digital media have removed the borders and barriers and online teaching is very popular and workable formula around the globe and he will support fully with all stakeholders to make Maluha Punjabi University a success story.