Easypaisa ease: 32m bills paid in first 5 months of Y21

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Easypaisa ease: 32m bills paid in first 5 months of Y21

KARACHI: Customers paid 32 million bills worth Rs56 billion through the Easypaisa platform in the first five months of calendar 2021, said the company on Tuesday.

`For a long time, bill payment was an arduous task, however through our bill payments feature, users have access to over 240 billers and can pay their bills instantly in a convenient and secure manner from the comfort of their homes,` said CEO Easypaisa and Telenor Microfinance Bank Mudassar Agil.

GGHL`s share option scheme approved Ghani Global Holdings Ltd stated that the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) had approved the Company`s Employee Stock Option Scheme (ESOS).In a notice to the PSX, the company said it was allowed to issue shares of Rs10 each representing 15pc of its outstanding share capital to its eligible employees under ESOS 2020 by way of an otherwise than right of fer.

Loans for solar solutions JS Bank is partnering with Zameen.com to provide easy and convenient home and solar financing solutions at flexible markup rates, said a press issued by the bank on Tuesday.

This collaboration will serve as a touchstone allowing the existing clientele of Zameen.com to opt for the affordable and conventional solar financing services of fered by JS Bank, the statement added.