Depilex Group Celebrated another Year of Success at its Annual Franchise Gathering

Lahore (Muhammad Yasir)   Depilex Group of Companies organized its Annual Franchise Gathering, for their 70 plus branches nationwide to celebrate the success and achievements over the past year.

Under the patronage of Masarrat Misbah and Redah Misbah, Depilex has been proving its mettle in the hair and beauty industry for the past four decades. The event was an occasion to present and celebrate the accomplishments of the brand, marking another year of pioneering progress in the hair and beauty industry.

Speaking at the event, the founder Masarrat Misbah said, “To this day, Depilex is still running by the entrepreneur spirit it started with, which has constantly pushed new boundaries and expanded our reach. With the efforts and hard work of our internationally trained staff, we are grateful to everyone for their efforts and are hopeful for another amazing year.”