Daraz revitalizes the e-commerce ecosystem with 100% recyclable packaging and tree plantations

Lahore (Muhammad Yasir) Following the footsteps of its parent company Alibaba Group, Daraz is working to create a sustainable ecosystem in Pakistan. With the global multinationals promising and working towards a greater cause of preventing climate change, Daraz has taken initiatives in the past few months which are contributing to the build a sustainable ecosystem.

Daraz has partnered in the past with organizations to ensure that the business model on which they are working on are optimized. Partnerships such as with Robinhood Army to reduce ethical binning of food works on the model where the canceled orders from dFresh are further distributed. Since the inception of this partnership, Daraz has donated more than1500 KGs of dFresh products to the organization.

To plays its part in developing the sustainable ecosystem, Daraz is working on multiple initiatives to help reduce its carbon footprint. The e-commerce platform installed solar panels at the Lahore facility which approximately reduces up to 104 metric tons of carbon footprint which is equivalent to planting 176 trees annually and emits no greenhouse gases.

Daraz recently launched 100% recyclable packaging material shifting from Virgin LDPE flyers to Recycled LDPE flyers. This green initiative is expected to reduce Co2 emission by approximately 309 tons. Taking the responsibility, daraz ensures that all its vendors are manufacturing uses a standard quality Recycled Resin in manufacturing their flyers and have certificate proof for the origin of the plastic scrap.

These practices to use solar energy, biodegradable packaging and reducing ethical binning of food are a few initiatives which Daraz has taken externally. To focus on the employee’s health, Daraz had launched an initiative “Revitalize” which conducts in-house activities for the employees.

This Independence Day – Daraz is sending more than 1000 tree plantation seeds with Fulfilled by Daraz orders. As part of the Revitalize initiative, employees at Daraz will also be given tree plants for a greener future.

Daraz plans to reduce its carbon footprint and these initiatives are a step forward in creating a sustainable ecosystem which will help the leading e-commerce platform to set an example for the industry.