Daraz reduces processing time and increases capacity by 4X with DIM weight solution

Lahore (Muhammad Yasir) Daraz works towards reducing processing time and delivery times with DIM weight solution as the e-commerce experiences rapid growth and high demand. To keep up with competition, online shopping platforms are continuously moving towards technological innovation to reduce processing time and increase efficiency for an improved customer experience.

High processing time and lead times are two key pain points for e-commerce industry faced by local and global giants and one cutting edge solution adopted by Alibaba group companies including Lazada and now Daraz is the DIM weight solution.

DIM weight is used ever since logistics companies realized that packaging has increasingly become inefficient with more air and waste material inside the box. With the rise of e-commerce, many packages are being shipped with lots of empty space in them leading to extra space being taken up. This has a direct impact on the shipping trucks and they are nowhere near their weight capacity hencelargely missing out on getting value for their asset, which is space in delivery vans.

The Last Mile of any delivery is often where the most problems lie. Package delays, multiple stops, and slow overall times are complaints from consumers every day. And these are some of the most common issues faced by online shoppers in Pakistan and it is necessary to identify where the bottleneck lies and provide a quick fix.

Ali Akhai, Head of Daraz Express, further commented,“We have achieved an internal milestone with respect to automation with the deployment of DWS machines at our Karachi facility. In the upcoming year, we plan to deploy similar machines in a few other facilities across the country with an automatic sorter (further enhancement of DWS) to be deployed in Karachi.”

Syed Mugheer Atif, Head of Sort said, “DWS implementation in Pakistan has been a revolutionary initiative in the online delivery service. Its application to reduce process time will help us increase our everyday order intake which will facilitate more orders per day.”

When shipping high volumes of product, it’s crucial to take special consideration in packaging. While product should arrive intact and at top quality, there’s a trend of wasteful shipping when it comes to the ecommerce sector. There is a huge margin of padding, void fill, and just plain wasted space when boxes are packed by sellers especially in a marketplace business model and to ensure customer protection and business productivity it is essential for leading brands like Daraz to move towards automation. Right-sizing packages could make a huge impact on the processing time per order at the majority of ecommerce businesses.

Zain Arsalan Baig, Senior Project Manager said, “With the installation of DWS Machine, Daraz being a leader in e-commerce industry has set a benchmark for all other working in similar industries. This is just a beginning of a new era.”

To address this issue, Daraz has introduced the DWS process at its Karachi facility and once again set a high bar of customer commitment. The future of retails is e-commerce and such changes are not just recommended but also mandatory.