Cultural Heritage Preservation workshop concluded at IAC !

Lahore (Muhammad YasirThe first phase of the 4-day workshop aimed for preservation of cultural heritage of Punjab concluded with thought provoking sessions and discussions at the Institute for Art and Culture (IAC), today. The workshop was held under the Pakistan Tourism Economic Global Program PTEGP-UNESCO-WB a funded project, implemented by The Institute for Art and Culture (IAC) under the main project “Development of an Integrated Site Management Plan and Capacity Building for Sustainable Tourism Management of Selected Sikh Sites in Punjab”.
The workshop themed around Community and Cultural Heritage. The introductory session was hosted by Prof. Sajida Vandal (Project Heritage Site Planning Expert and Vice Chancellor, IAC) that focused on introducing concepts of community participation such as the understanding of host City, community, stakeholders, community participatory initiatives, community engagement and cultural and creative industries.
The open forum led by the National team facilitators opened discussion about the experience of participants of working with communities and identifying the problems that they face.
The seminar on methods and approaches for community mobilization and community engagement was led by Ms Ottavia Arenella (Project Disaster Risk Management Expert, Santagata, Italy) and Ayesha Iftikhar.
Andrea Porta (Project Tourism and Visitor Management Expert, Santagata, Italy) led the Community’s Economic Growth through Tourism Initiatives and gave examples of successful practices and case studies.
The closing session marked strategies around establishing the gap that participants need to have addressed in the follow up workshop planned on 21st October, 2020.