Chughtai Public Libraries collaborates with Masood Faisal Jhandeer Library, Melsi for preservation of antique books.

Lahore (Muhammad Yasir)Chughtai Public Libraries have inked an agreement with and Masood Faisal Jhandir Library Melsi and Work is underway on this significant joint project thesw days.The Masood Faisal Jhandeer Library, Asia’s largest private library, covers an area of ​​five acres and has about 500,000 books. The Chughtai Public Library preserves the rare collection of books in the Masood Faisal Jhandeer Library through latest digital equipment and presenting them in digital format. For this, the world’s most advanced scanners, Book I-Five, have been sent there. A trained staff of six people is working there day and night. It has scanned more than two thousand rare books and saved them for future generations. And the work is still going on. All scanned books can be accessed through the following link. Similarly, the Chughtai Public Library has hired a staff of seven people to organize and arrange the cataloging, classification and online catalog of the Masood Faisal Jhandeer Library. So far, more than 33,000 books have been registered in the library software named (KOHA). Researchers can view the catalog of books in the library at home through this link. Chughtai Libraries at Masood Faisal Jhandeer Library are still working on both the projects. This is a revolutionary development at the level of libraries in Pakistan.