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The year 2020 is a lot and lot different than 2019, as our lifestyles have been changed a great deal. None of the aspects of our lives is as same as it used to be a few months ago. Just like other things, shopping for a sacrificial animal for Eid ul Azha has also been changed, as now, you have an opportunity of buying them online. Yes, is the new online Mandi where you can buy your favorite cow or goat right there sitting on your sofa. Let’s explore more and see how you can shop at this store. 


What is

Before moving on towards how and why to shop at the store, let’s see what Mandicorner is. Well, it’s a sweet surprise for the Pakistani nation that they mustn’t have expected. There are a few months left in commemorating Eid ul Azha, but people have started worrying about it just now. That’s because they have to take a huge amount out to buy an animal and they also have to take time out to go to the Mandi. The former is the compulsion; however, the latter has become an option now. Your important and hard task has been eased with as you can buy animals online this year. It’s an online Mandi for buying a sacrificial animal for Eid ul Azha 2020, and it’s going to make your life much easier than before. 


How to Shop at

Now, the question is whether or not is it as same as buying clothes and shoes online? Well, it’s pretty much the same, but the difference is in the expenditure. Spending on mundane items isn’t as risky as buying an animal because you don’t spend heavily on that. It makes you a lot conscious when you spend thousands or even some lacs on buying an animal. This worry will be solved by paying cash on delivery only after receiving your animal. If I tell you the truth, you can trust it more as they can’t pack the animal up and deliver it to you. You can get a firsthand experience of seeing it and touching it even before paying the amount. As a result, your satisfaction level will be increased and you will trust it a lot. 

Shopping at isn’t the same as buying clothes or other daily used items. There are no categorical divisions, but the listing has been done as the offers given by the sellers. It resembles a lot with olx with where the listing is done as per the sellers’ instructions. The only difference is olx sells multiple products, whereas, the Mandicorner is animal-specific. Other than contacting the store, you can also contact the seller directly and get all the details of the animal. Some sellers offer a fixed price; however, others allow bargaining. This also enables you to save some amount. Moreover, there are animals on sale at the store that are surely going to save you money. Therefore, visit the store now and celebrate Eid ul Azha 2020 differently. 


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