Cheetay Grocery brings ‘Taste of Pakistan’ to Lahore

Lahore (Muhammad Yasir) Pakistan’s on-demand delivery app, Cheetay, gives local businesses a digital platform to sell their products.

The new category launched by Cheetay Grocery, ‘Taste of Pakistan’, makes it easy to order iconic products from all over the country. Top selling items on the Cheetay app are Pehlwan Rewari from Chakwal, Lahore’s famous Khalifa Khatai, Multani Sohan Halwa and Sharakpuri Gulab Jamun.

“Taste of Pakistan takes you on a trip down the memory lane. These are products I have enjoyed having as a child. It’s great to have a platform that can deliver signature products to our customers in 30 minutes all over Lahore,” said Tariq Qureshi, Chief Commercial Officer, Cheetay.

Cheetay Grocery has partnered with international and local brands to bring a wide range of high-quality products ready to be delivered to customers’ doorsteps. The company-owned automated dark stores stock fresh fruits, vegetables, baby care supplies, snacks, beverages, household products, and more.

“We have developed an ecosystem of excellence and convenience for our customers and partners. Our best-in-class technology and analytics ensure the highest standards in quality, efficiency, and hygiene in our dark stores,” said Majid Khan, CEO, Cheetay.

The pandemic has increased the popularity of eCommerce in Pakistan. Homegrown startups like Cheetay are filling the market gap rapidly to provide a seamless experience to consumers and retail partners.

“We will soon be taking Cheetay Grocery nationwide. Our talented team is working around the clock to fulfil the ever-changing needs of our customers,” said Majid.

Cheetay operates across multiple verticals, including Food, Grocery, Fresh Milk, and Pharma. The company’s vision is to lead Pakistan’s tech revolution by harnessing local talent and creating employment opportunities. Cheetay is proudly committed to driving social impact in women empowerment, environment protection, the digitisation of the economy, and local SME business enhancement. The homegrown company is present in major cities of Pakistan.