Lahore (Muhammad Yasir) Punjab Central Business District Development Authority (PCBDDA), also known as Central Business District (CBD Punjab), is committed in uplifting the economic well-being of Punjab and believes the youth to be the driving force of this commitment. The authority is working on the agenda of national development and the authority has initiated multiple projects for youth to polish their professional skills, as an affirmation of its commitment CBD Punjab, conducted its first-ever Development Discussion Forum called the “Dev Talk” at The Beaconhouse National University Lahore. The reason behind Dev Talk was to Involve the academia of Punjab to become advocates for ongoing projects of CBD Punjab and provide them with sought-after insights behind the creation of Pakistan’s first business district and development landscape in Punjab. The keynote speakers for Dev Talk were Executive Director Commercial PCBDDA, Mr. Mohammed Omer, Executive Director Technical PCBDDA, Mr. Riaz Hussain and Director Business Development PCBDDA, Mr. Ali Waqar Shah and Director Architecture, Mr. Sameer Aftab. Mr. Mohammed Omer Executive Director, Commercial PCBDDA, started the session by highlighting the core need for the establishment of Pakistan’s first and most anticipated business district. He told the attendees that CBD Punjab was formed by an act of Parliament in February 2021, to put Pakistan on the global economic map by attracting domestic and foreign investment for the development of Punjab. In his address, he stated “CBD Punjab is working on the business model to use the barren government-owned land for wealth generation to raise capital for the development of Punjab. We have secured an investment of Rs 58.89 billion in a short time span. CBD Punjab is a room full of opportunities for a secure investment in Punjab, it is a business hub that will reform the urban regeneration and development landscape of the province.” He further added that the vertical expansion of cities is the future, promotion of vertical architecture and modern urban planning is the solution to many problems. CBD Punjab’s core mission is to transform the future for a better tomorrow. Executive Director Technical PCBDDA, Mr. Riaz Hussain said “CBD Punjab is introducing new and modern construction practices. Infrastructure development is gaining pace day by day and soon we will witness some great architectural masterpieces in CBD Punjab. We have almost completed the base work for a state-of-the-art parking plaza along with that 25% of the infrastructure work is also completed. We have ensured that high-quality modern techniques are implemented in the district.” He also shed light on the issue of fire fighting in hi-rise buildings, water scarcity and the authority’s plan to counter them. He also told the audience that CBD Punjab is the only LEED-certified real estate project in Punjab. While talking about investment potential opportunities in CBD Punjab, Director Business Development PCBDDA, Mr. Ali Waqar Shah said, “Authority has successfully registered the project as an epitome of secure investment in the region due to its unique, favorable and endless possibilities. We have promoted vertical construction and high-rise buildings which no other real estate project has done. CBD Punjab is the face of the city and the center of attraction for domestic and international investors, with the expansion in the jurisdiction of authority to all over Punjab, we are no more restricted till establishing business districts. We are working on new business models like JV, PPP and REIT to get maximum investment for the development of Punjab. The session was concluded with a question-answer session which cleared many queries and ambiguities about CBD Punjab at the end of the session Executive Director Commercial PCBDDA, Mr. Mohammed Omer presented an honorary shield to Mr. Shahid Hafeez Kardar, Vice Chancellor Beaconhouse National University. The audience applauded this initiative taken by CBD Punjab and appreciated the steps taken by the authority for the development of the province. The attendees also emphasized that such informative sessions should be organized frequently as they are a fruitful source of passing on information about development projects in the region.