Careem celebrates women smashing the Glass Ceiling in Technology

Girls in Science, Careem celebrates women smashing the Glass Ceiling in Technology

Lahore (Muhammad Yasir) On United Nations (UN) International Day of Women and Girls in Science, Careem embodies its pledge to support women breaking stereotypes in the field of technology by reiterating its commitment towards diversity and inclusion.

Exemplifying the potential women can achieve in tech, Careem has numerous women working as engineers in data, software and development capacity to enhance the offerings of the Careem Super App, while making sure that our customers get perfect and seamless experiences.

With the mission of simplifying everyday lives, Careem appreciates the importance of its tech teams and continues to support and invest in premium engineering talent that not only helped the company make the Super App vision a reality, but also helped Careem be recognised as one of the Tech Unicorns in the region.

Wajeeha Akram – Senior Software Engineering Manager

Wajeeha is an integral part of Careem and is leading a geographically diverse team of engineers in Lahore, specializing in mobility engineering. Prior to joining Careem in 2019, she was a Software Engineer at Cisco Systems in the United Kingdom (UK) for around 10 years before moving back to Pakistan. 

Wajeeha is a Boston University Alumni and a Fulbright scholar and is also accredited with renowned universities in Pakistan such as FAST and LUMS. She feels passionate about building solutions that are paradigm-shifting towards the use of technology where women can play a stronger role to empower individuals and communities.

 Zobia Badar – Software Engineer

Zobia graduated from FAST Islamabad and has been working as a Software Engineer at Careem for the last three years. Being an integral part of the customer subdomain, she got the opportunity to work on several exciting challenges posed by the constantly evolving landscape of customer experiences.

Zobia is driven by the purpose and culture at Careem. Every single piece of code that she writes is working towards simplifying millions of lives everyday and that drives her to work even harder. She is also leading Pakistani Women in Computing (PWiC), a global community of Pakistani women which aims to bridge the gender gap in tech and create a platform to learn and grow together.

Maria Ehsan – Database Engineer

Maria joined Careem back in 2017 as a fresh graduate from FAST University as a Database Engineer. Her role revolves around managing terabytes of data, automation, building database infrastructure at scale, query optimization and designing schemas.

She believes that women all over the world are often given lesser opportunities to pursue the career of their choice but she, just like every other woman in Careem, is breaking the stereotype and working their way to achieve their dream.

Sidra Saleem Development Operations Engineer

Sidra joined as a fresh graduate from NED University and has been working as a Development Operations Engineer since 2017. Her role is to coordinate with software developers, admins, IT operations staff and, facilitating deployments on a CI/CD basis. One of her essential tasks is to automate the entire process of working with a certain combination of tools and technologies.

 Furthermore, Careem Pakistan has 40% percent of women breaking stereotypes in top leadership managing fields such as Communications, Legal, Human Resources and Customer Care, ultimately aiding in pivoting the digital ecosystem.

The role of technology is not limited to management positions, so far more than 750 women have registered with Careem for becoming Captains and 48% care representatives work from home, making a healthy living by simple means of technology.