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Are you a jewelry lover who always needs a complementing one with your dress? Do you want to wear both traditional and modern ones interchangeably? Well, we live in a western-influenced society, and sadly enough, we are too engrossed in their fashion. However, in reality, nothing is more charming than our traditional styles, especially jewelry. It is always a good idea to blend both traditional and modern look in your personality. Therefore, buy both at, where a huge collection is available at reasonable rates.

What is Traditional Jewelry?

The traditional jewelry refers to the style worn decades ago in the east. Since it was a subcontinent where both India and Pakistan lived together; therefore, they shared common fashion. The jewelry was used for the adornment of women’s outfit, and there were a few amazing styles they used to wear. Some of the examples of traditional jewelry are jhumka, sahara, meenakari jewelry, nath, pazeb, and whatnot. The traditional jewelry can be bangles, rings, earrings, necklaces, pendants, and any type.

What is Modern Jewelry?

You must have loads of traditional jewelry in your drawer, but the question is what modern jewelry is? Well, these have a western effect on them, and they are more towards simplicity than bright hues and patterns like traditional jewelry. The modern jewelry is usually a good choice for casual wear as they bring more coherence to the personality. Some of the examples of modern jewelry styles are geometric patterns, entangled designs, beaded outlines, and designs like these.

Your collection is complete when it has both traditional and modern jewelry in it. Wear both interchangeably to give your personality a different look every time. Both types have casual and fancy ones; however, traditional jewelry is mostly worn to weddings and occasions. However, that of modern is preferred for casual wear. But, there is always room for creativity, and the styles can vary.

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