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The use of powerbanks is very common that provides portable power for cell phones, portable speakers, and the entire items that contain USB interface to charge. Power banks are available in the market with different sizes and forms that meet the requirements of different people.

 Types of Power bank

  • Universal/ standard:It is a very common and normal type of power bank. It is a portable charger that is easily available in the market and online. You can charge it by using USB sources such as USB chargers.
  • Solar:This type of power banks use sunlight for charging. They contain photovoltaic panels that help to charge the inner battery. It is useful to have a solar power bank while traveling to the areas that are away from the main powers.

A lifetime of Power bank

There are two types of options that are related to power banks.

  • Charge discharge cycles: It is very normal for every rechargeable battery user with the passage of time it wears out. Usually, the battery life depends on the number of its charge-discharge cycles that can undertake before its work falls by the specified degree. There are cheaper power banks that contain a lifetime of 500 but the good ones would contain lifetimes of numerous charge-discharge cycles.
  • Self-discharge: Almost every battery cell whether it is rechargeable or a primary one contains a definite level of a self-discharge. There is a need for a little quantity of power for the rechargeable batteries that will keep their circuits alive. As a result, the battery will stay charged for a limited time. A good quality power bank can preserve the charge for more than six months with a less loss of the charge, but a low-quality power bank can hold the charge only for a month. These measures are for the room temperature, but the observation outside these specific temperatures will definitely decrease their performance.

Battery technology of Power bank

The rechargeable batteries of power banks are based on lithium technology. Lithium-Ion, as well as Lithium-Polymer batteries, are the most commonly used batteries for power banks.

  • Lithium-ion: Lithium-Ion batteries contain a density of higher energy density, they can store up additional electrical charge in the given size and volume. Moreover, they are cheaper to produce; however, they may have issues with aging.
  • Lithium-polymer: Power banks with Lithium-polymer technology do not go through aging while they are very costly to produce which makes them unsuitable for all budgets.

Both types of power banks can work well; however, there is a balance amid cost & performance.

Power banks are handy and make us free from the hassle of moving to the power points for charging. This property of power banks has made them an established product that you can carry while traveling.

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