“Blue Band”, Launches Social Mission Program

Blue Band Launches Social Mission Program

‘Barhenge Hum Barhega Pakistan’ to Inculcate the Importance of Breakfast

Lahore (Muhammad Yasir) To address the accelerating issue of Vitamin A and Vitamin D deficiency prevailing amongst kids in Pakistan, Blue Band has announced a nationwide Social Mission Program 2020 through a launch event on the 19th of February, 2020 at Ramada Hotel, Lahore. Gracing the event as the chief guest was Dr. Yasmin Rashid – Health Minister Punjab showing her support and encouragement for educating children about the importance of breakfast through an integrated school program. The purpose of the campaign is to educate children, parents and schools about the importance of a healthy breakfast packed with the right dose of nutrients, especially Vitamin A and Vitamin D that a child requires for growth and nourishment.

According to Pakistan Nutrition Survey 2018, Micronutrient deficiency is a major concern in Pakistan with over 50% percent of children suffering from Vitamin A and over 40% suffering from Vitamin D deficiency. This prevents children from reaching their actual growth potential and can also cause numerous childhood diseases and affect cognitive development. Blue Band Margarine intends to inspire schools, parents and children themselves to choose a healthy breakfast packed with required nutrients on a daily basis.

Speakers at the event spoke about Blue Band Margarine’s Social Mission and further highlighted on how this mission is going to address the problem of micronutrient deficiency at hand. 

Present at the event, Fariyha Subhani, CEO Upfield Pakistan said, “35% of Pakistan’s population is under the age of 15  meaning a large proportion of children in Pakistan are not living at their best because they have micronutrient deficiency. Lack of Vitamin A and D prevent children from performing better in life. Fortified with Vitamin A and D, Blue Band has undertaken this initiative to address parents, schools and children about the importance of consuming the right nutrients at breakfast. The aim is to reach 1,000,000 children and their parents with the ambition of growing healthy kids and a healthier Pakistan – Barhenge Hum Barhega Pakistan’

Kamran Ahmed Siddiqui, Regulatory and Corporate Affairs Manager, Upfield Pakistan said, “The number of children in Pakistan that lack sufficient Vitamin A and D is increasing at an alarming rate.. Mindful of this, Blue Band decided to initiate a discussion about the importance of nutritious food, in particular breakfast, to help children grow and thrive on a nutritious diet. Moreover, to take action in bring about a change to support such an important issue is something I am personally invested in  and I am hopeful that this initiative can bring about a significant and necessary change in our society.”

Blue Band is a good source of healthy fats, enriched with vitamin A and vitamin D and provides a boost of energy in combination with a balanced meal to help children stay active throughout the day.