BASF introduces new phytase Natuphos® E to unlock vital nutrients for the feed industry in Pakistan

BASF introduces new phytase Natuphos® E to unlock vital nutrients for the feed industry in Pakistan

* New phytase helps poultry better utilize phosphorous and vital nutrients

*Unprecedented enzyme stability sets new benchmark for feed phytase technology

LAHORE – BASF has launched Natuphos® E, a new phytase for animal nutrition, in Pakistan. With unprecedented enzyme stability, Natuphos E helps poultry utilize phosphorous and key nutrients more efficiently, bringing a wide range of benefits to the animal feed industry and local farmers.

“As the first company to market a phytase for feed more than 25 years ago, BASF is once again proud to be setting a new standard in feed phytase technology”, said Faisal Akhtar, Managing Director, BASF Chemicals & Polymers Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd, “The industry’s feed output currently stands at 6.5 million tons a year and is expected to double by the year 2020. Natuphos E will ensure more efficient and sustainable output for the feed industry.”

The majority of phosphorous is bound to phytic acid, an anti-nutritive factor found in grains and oilseeds. Phytate-bound phosphorous cannot be digested by animals such as poultry, and is therefore excreted and lost as a potential nutrient. As a result, manufacturers need to supplement the feed with either inorganic phosphates or very effective phytases, like Natuphos E, to make sure the animals are supplied adequately with the required amounts of the essential mineral phosphorous.

Natuphos E also releases other valuable nutrients, making animals generally more efficient at digesting their feed. This results in less excretion of undigested phosphate, which helps reduce water pollution and helps care for the environment. Manufactured by BASF in Germany, Natuphos E delivers superior stability in the challenging environments and processes in feed-production with superior pelleting and premix stability in addition to an excellent shelf life stability.