BankIslami Sponsors Visionher Event for Working Women

Lahore (Muhammad Yasir) BankIslami, Pakistan’s leading Islamic financial institution with 350+ branches in more than 123 cities became the lead sponsor for VisionHer event “Women, Wellbeing, Work” which was learning, mentoring and networking event for working women at KSBL.

VisionHer is a community for working women that facilitates ambitious, career oriented working women to thrive in their careers and lead a meaningful, balanced life. The event was divided in 3 sessions that focused on mental, physical and financial well-being.

BankIslami is introducing BankIslami Mashal – Women Banking that exclusively caters to their unique needs of women belonging to all walks of life.

A Woman’s life journey leads her through various memorable life moments such as opening her first bank account at the start of her first job, or buying her first car, or building her first house or opening her own business enterprise. At all her milestones, BankIslami understand her needs. BankIslami recognize, respect and responds to her requirements by providing her with women centric products and service offerings.

BankIslami gives women customers the ability to open their bank accounts without any reliance on anyone.  Women can make their own financial decisions and be in control of their money matters. To make things easier, the Bank is offering a wide range of dedicated solutions exclusively for women such as auto-financing, muskan home financing,  financial education and literacy among other things.