Bank Alfalah introduces QR payment solution for WASA customers

Lahore (Muhammad Yasir) Bank Alfalah has taken a first of its kind initiative in the payment solutions sphere by introducing QR Payments for WASA’s (Water and Sanitation Agency) customers in Lahore. Under this feature, consumers can make payments of their utility bills instantly via scanning a QR code, through the Alfa app. Furthermore, they can also avail a discount on their bill payment. This marks the bank’s first step towards enabling bill payments through QR codes.

For WASA, this partnership allows them to take a step in the right direction by providing their customers a hassle-free solution to pay their bills, and also the opportunity to digitize their bill payment collection. WASA also became the first government institution to introduce digitization of their bill payment collection in Lahore

“The popularity of payment through QR codes is increasing rapidly in Pakistan; this payment method is quick, easy and convenient which allows people to make their payments on the go, by simply scanning the QR code through their mobile banking application.. By introducing this facility for WASA customers in Lahore, Bank Alfalah has eliminated the need for in-person visits to pay utility bills. All a customer needs to do is to scan the QR code and pay their bills efficiently. This partnership is in line with our future goal of penetrating the utility bill payments industry and help provide consumers with unmatched convenience.” stated by Group Head – Digital Banking Group – Bank Alfalah Limited – Muhammad Yahya Khan.

“Digital payments are the future, and we are happy to have Bank Alfalah as our partner to launch this facility for our Lahore customers. This will allow people to make their payments in a much easier way and skip their visits to bank branches which will eventually save time and provide convenience. Contactless payments are the need of the hour, and demand for them will continue to grow in the near future as consumers look for more convenient solutions that save them time.” Stated by Vice Chairman, WASA – Mr. Sheikh Imtiaz.

Water and Sanitation Agency (WASA) was established by Lahore Development Authority during 1976 for the planning, designing, development, and maintenance of water supply sewerage and draining system in Lahore. Various Directorates were established to accomplish the assignment. An essential component of this mandate is the delivery of a safe, reliable, and efficient water supply to satisfy the demand of all sectors.