“Azaad” opening new horizons for Pak producers during Corona Pandemic.

Lahore (Muhammad Yasir) Yasir Akhtar Pakistan’s iconic international star have always remain ahead of his peers, thanks to his innovative ideas and brilliant productions.
The multi talented singer is busy in receiving praise and admiration from around the corner for his maiden film project titled “Azaad”. Putting all the economic pressure aside, caused by corona pandemic on world entertainment industry, Yasir Akhtar broke the stereotype and released his debut production on small screen during Eid festive which achieved enormous appraise not only for its great production and strong message alike which is core of the story.
Beautifully shot in exotic location of London , the story of Azaad depicts the encounters of two brothers – Aazer, played by Yasir Akhtar and his younger brother Ayzad, essayed by Gagan Chopra) – and their single mother Mehru (Parveen Akbar). After the murder of her husband with young children, Mehru leaves Pakistan to take refuge in London. Growing up in East-End London, Aazer and Ayzad become friends with a British-Pakistani girl in the neighbourhood, named Yasmin, played by Momal Sheikh. Moomal have shown her class and elegance with delightful portrayal of her character. The film aptly reflects the struggles of Pakistani community in Europe by depicting the life of a single mother in a totally new culture, Mehru struggles to give her children a secured lifestyle,”
“The story takes a dark twist when Dilawar (Imran Ali Asad), a cousin of Aazar and Ayzad, arrives from Pakistan.“Overpowering emotions shared between the family, a love triangle, clash of cultures and values while living in the west, Azaad captures life in London. According to the industry sources, at a time when cinema halls are closed for indefinite time due to corona covid-19, Azaad have shown a new path to producers for releasing of their films.
It emerges as triumph for those producers who are waiting for normalcy and reopening of cinemas. Online streaming and premiere on television is a novel step in Pakistani entertainment industry which Azaad have revealed to producers.
Azaad is brainchild of Yasir Akhtar and he has shown his brilliancy not only in acting but singing also. ‘Saiyaan’, which yasir has co-written with Irfan Saleem, is featured in the film at a crucial point and it is winning the hearts of viewers and listeners alike with his soulful tune and meaning lyrics.
Multinational Films production house backing the Azaad will be a start of a new era, and new style of production as it is aimed to bring reputed artists and stories from different cultures together told by Yasir Akhtar during promotion of the film.