“Asad Khattak is a greedy man who even tried to kill his wife.” Veena’s Father revealed a horrifying truth.

Actress Veena Malik’s father Malik Mohammad Aslam has also come to the fore to answer the allegations of his ex-son-in-law who says that Asad Bashir Khattak is a greedy man who once tried to kill Veena Malik for his own purpose.

Talking to Newsupdatetimes in detail about this, Malik Aslam said that no conscious person does this, even if there is separation between husband and wife, they keep each other’s veil and their personal relationship is not in public. But this man has exposed himself but we also covered him. He was a very poor man who did not even have even his own house and if he had matriculation certificate,He should show it to all. Veena malik also got married because he is a poor man. He will probably remain loyal to his area because we were not greedy for anything and we had big proposals for Veena anyway, but despite not having education and wealth, Veena chose Assad. Shortly after, he started blackmailing veena to give me Rs 6 crore. I have to start a business. In this regard, Veena had also informed me by calling me from the United States. Unsuccessful, Maulana Tariq Jameel and Mufti Naeem also made peace but even after that the man did not recover and after some time he went to Dubai with his children where he stayed in Malik’s flat because she had no residence of her own. When Veena Malik went there to celebrate Eid, she hid the American passport of the children. When Veena Malik filed a case of separation, she signed the khula letter and the children. He also handed over the custody. Veena Malik later made Pakistani passports for the children and brought them here.

In response to a question, he said that when Veena Malik gave notice of child expenses to Asad Khattak, he started blackmailing in the media but I still respect him that he is the father of my grandchildren. He is trying to get everyone’s sympathy by resorting to children but the media is also aware of the fact that this person is lying. Malik Aslam said that if he promises to pay the living expenditures of his  children, I guarantee that the children will Will meet.

He said that all the claims of Asad Khattak are false. He has no business and no home in any country. Everybody knows what job a matriculated person gets in Dubai. Marla doesn’t even have a house. Veena Malik bears all the expenses of the wedding herself. Immediately after the wedding, Veena Malik gave her 200 suits and matching shoes. Veena Malik was sincere with her because if she didn’t want to live together, she would have two children.

Malik Aslam further said that I had told Asad Khattak in the past that you will lose everything in a hurry and today my statement is coming true. This person not only exposed himself but also creating problems for all his relatives . We have full confidence in the courts and we are sure that we will get justice.