Amna Ilyas’ kick-off challenge blooper goes viral

Lahore (NUT-DESK)

Model turned actor Amna Ilyas has once again found herself in hot waters after sharing a less-than-funny video of her kicking a man in the head. Amna participated in the viral kick-off challenge where one attempts to kick off a fruit perched atop someone’s head which went horribly wrong – instead of kicking the fruit, she kicked the man’s head.

Things took more of a downward turn when Amna chose to not keep the video in her drafts – or better yet, delete it – and instead shared it as a blooper video on her Instagram post for comic relief with the caption, “Bullseye. Disclaimer: nobody was hurt in the making of this video and don’t try this at home.”


Naturally, it was met with vehement criticism, with many calling her out for her insensitivity. “It does look like he got hit quite a bit and that’s not cool,” pointed out one user, while another wondered whether it would be funny for Amna if it had been a girl in the man’s place.

Comments on the post range from, “I’m sorry, this isn’t funny,” to, “I don’t think that was okay. Kicking a kid (who looks like house help) in the face?! No, not funny.”