Ajoka’s Amna-Samna Birth of Virtual Theatre

Lahore (Muhammad Yasir) Ajoka Institute will showcase on Wednesday 16 September, a path-breaking experiment of virtual theatre. Drawing inspiration from extracts of Ajoka’s landmark plays, students of Ajoka’s “ Art of Acting” online class will present their talent, shown live on which will go live on Facebook at 8 pm.

Director Ajoka institute Nirvaan Nadeem shared Ajoka theatre is strengthening the foundation of virtual theatre in Pakistan by holding regular online performances and activities. This particular performance is a special one as it contains sequences from some of the Ajoka’s most famous plays including “Bullah & Banda’s” existentialist dialogue on combating injustice, “Dara’s” heart-wrenching tale, “Jhalli’s” pain and trauma to the comedic Pehlwan and Magical Parrot, this performance has it all!

With the students performing from all corners of Pakistan, it is a one of a kind endeavor, a testament to the resilience of Pakistani’s and announces the Birth of “Virtual Theatre”. The performance will be premiered later Ajoka’s YouTube channel as well.


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