Afghan Nationals to invest in country’s real estate sector: PAJIC

Lahore (Muhammad Yasir) PAJIC LTD signed an agreement with country’s leading Real Estate company, AAA Associates in Islamabad, aimed to promote foreign investment in the real estate sector of Pakistan The agreement aimed to promote investment opportunities for Afghan nationals to invest in Pakistan real estate sector and start their own businesses. The initiative will not only upscale country’s real estate to the international level, bring in foreign investment but also enhance bilateral trade between both countries.

Fysal Gill, President & Chairman of PAJIC LTD, stated that “One of the major reasons for choosing AAA Associates, is higher credibility, Vast experience and commitment to deliver which will empower PAJIC LTD to provide a much larger portfolio of a Better Community Living and Style Cross Border to Foreign investors. Sheikh Fawad Bashir, Chairman of AAA Associates, stated that “collaboration with PAJIC LTD will greatly help AAA Associates to explore new horizons and attract Foreign Investment from Afghanistan Market. PAJIC LTD having its presence in Afghanistan and Pakistan, will promote both Residential and Commercial Real Estate to Afghan nationals in Afghanistan and encourage them to invest in Pakistan for better community living and businesses.

The investment of Afghan nationals in Pakistan will not only enhance economic trade in the country but also develop significant impact on country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). About AAA Associates AAA Associates is a customer-centric wealth management company of Pakistan primarily focused on uplifting the living standards of the inhabitants by introducing innovation, top-of-the-line real estate inventory, easy and accessible investment options for the investors. AAA Associates has a legacy of timely deliverance and best possible quality products that have empowered AAA Associates to develop an extensive stronghold of satisfied clients beyond borders, especially Saudi Arabia (KSA), UAE (Dubai), Qatar UK, Germany, Norway, Canada, USA, and Australia.