Academic Zietgiest in Pakistan- A talk series by Academics Accessible

Lahore (Muhammad Yasir) An online talk regarding the academic world in Pakistan was arranged by Academics Accessible, a Lahore based organization aiming at Public Scholarship.

The speaker of their talk series was Mr Umair Asim, who holds a Masters Degree in Astronomy from James Cook University, Australia. He is an educator and has been a lover of Astronomy since his earliest memory and has grown in this passion for the last three decades now. He has been actively involved in the outreach programs, workshops, lectures, trainings related to Astronomy, Telescopes, Astrophotography, Scientific Data Acquisition and Analysis. He has taught students and general public on Photometry, Spectroscopy and Astrometry as well as various topics of Astronomy. He is also very active in Solar imaging with special solar telescopes and equipment.

He is also the President of Lahore Astronomical Society, Joint secretary of Khwarizmi Science Society, Member of American Association for Variable Star Observes (AAVSO), Mentor on the Mentor Program of AAVSO and is guiding new comers in the field of Photometry of Variable Stars, Director of Charlie Bates Solar Astronomy Project, USA in Pakistan and  Built his own astronomical observatory ( two in fact: Zeds Astronomical Observatory & Eden Astronomical Observatory) where he has research grade equipment to do Photometry, Spectroscopy, Astrometry and Astroimaging. This observatory is associated with Minor Planet Center (observatory code: N31) an organization responsible for everything relating to minor planets.

The talk focused on highlighting the Academic discipline of Astronomy in Pakistan in context to the work of Amateur Astronomers, Public Sector and Astronomy as a subject of Investigation.

Academics Accessible is a platform that aims to highlight invisible narratives in Academia. Through storytelling and the use of digital media, Academics Accessible captures attention and supports the voices of the intellectuals of our Country that are condemned to amnesia. It revolves around the idea of focusing on academics and life enhancing topics and courses that are invisible in our society through the advocacy of philosophical, scientific and psychological introspection.

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